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Discussion 4.1

Describe the difference between using Statistics and using Summarize functions on a field.

DISCUSSION ANSWER should be at least 100 words with References.

I. SHORT ANSWERS Limit your answer to no more than 10-20 words

1. Explain the difference between attribute data and spatial data and give an example of each. Do we need to input both data to GIS? Explain your answer

2. Even with the increasing availability of digital sources, why might one still consider tracing from paper sources for a GIS project?

3. What is the difference between “spatial entities” and “continuous fields”? When we use an entity- based approach and a field-based approach. Give examples.

4. Name four DISADVANTAGES of raster data structure (name more for extra points)





5. Describe how would you create a new ArcGIS layer of the rivers (rivers.lyr), that go through three states: Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania?




6. Describe the steps in reclassifying the generic map of Virginia to the map of population. What steps do you need to do? What layers/data do you need for this?





 Check or circle the correct answer. 

1. In the World of GIS, another term for the spatial feature (object) is:

 Entity
 Topology
 Attribute
 Raster Grids

2. Which of the following is the example of non-spatial data?

 The number of rooms in an office building
 The path of a highway between two cities
 The vegetation patterns
 The location of supermarkets in Fairfax, VA

3. Which of the following are NOT the advantages of vector data structure?

 Compact data structure
 Accurate graphic representation  Overlay analysis is easy
 Network analysis is easy

III. TRUE AND FALSE QUESTIONS Mark with T=True or F=False the following statements

1. Today success or failure with GIS depends more on technology, but not on the conceptual models of



2. GIS analyst spends much more time on creation than on verification a model


3. In a GIS attribute information and spatial information are linked to each other 


4. Spatial environmental surface analysis and modeling is easy with CAD systems 


5. When you select the spatial feature on a map in ArcGIS, the attribute information about the same feature has to be found and selected separately


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