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Forward, G. E., Beach, D. E., Gray, D. A., & Quick, J. C. (1991). Mentofacturing: A vision for American industrial excellence. Academy of Management
Executive, 5(3), 32-44. doi:10.5465/AME.1991.4274462

Read the article thoroughly and answer the following questions:
1. How can Chaparral Steel’s commitment to both its internal and external customers be used by The Fox Island Electrical Company? (5 Points)
2. As mentioned in the case study, research and development at Chaparral are integrated into product design and development. Do you think this practice can be used by the company implementing the Fox Islands Winds Project? Please explain  with a fully developed answer and provide analysis, insights and recommendations.   (5 Points)
3. Can the Fox Islands Electrical Company (FIEC) be a low-cost and high quality manufacturer at the same time? Please explain with a fully developed answer and provide analysis, insights and recommendations.   (5 Points)

Provide adequate support for your postings and properly cite your sources
Refer to the syllabus for grading information. Discussions are graded for writing skills (clarity, style, and grammatical structure), accuracy, quality and completeness.

– Appropriate “Wrapper” (5 Points)
     – Title Page
     – Page Numbers (Page X of Y)
     – Introduction
     – Conclusion/Summary
     – In-Line Citations
     – Reference Page that complies with APA Standards

Submit ONE copy of your assignment to the instructor through the appropriate link.