A communications system uses qpsk instead of binary psk. how much


1. A communications system uses QPSK instead of binary PSK. How much bandwidth is saved?


2. A modem utilizes 8PSK modulation. If the modem’s baud rate is 24 kbps, what is the information rate in kbps?


3. A 16-QAM modulator with 2 voltage levels uses maps the symbols on equal phases on both voltage levels. Draw the signal space (constellation) for your assumed phase angles.


4. Compare the required bandwidth of 16-QAM with binary PSK.


5. A modem is designed to transmit at 100 kbps over a channel with 15 dB signal to nose ratio. Find the maximum symbols on the constellation of this modem.


6. Repeat the previous problem when the SNR is 35 dB.


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