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  • What are the three (3) most important lessons you learned about professional sales from this course? Be sure to relate your discussion back to the course material, stating the chapter and topic. Explain why these lessons are important to you and your future. Just stating them is not enough. Be persuasive in your explanation.

Question #2. Professional Career Goals

  • What career goals do you presently have? State five (5) specific goals (refer to Chapter 10) and explain why each is important to you. Goals could be related to type of job, starting salary, company, position, place, etc. Goals must be specific, measurable, etc.

Question #3. Career Development

  • It’s a competitive world out there. There are hundreds of thousands of students just like you who will be looking for jobs upon graduation. How do you plan to differentiate yourself? How do you plan to further prepare yourself to reach your career goals? Discuss three (3) specific steps you will take from this point forward. Examples can include involvement in a student organization, applying for a specialization (certificate/minor), looking for an internship, getting involved in competitions, taking specific courses, etc. Don’t discuss them if you aren’t going to follow through with them. Make them real for you. Take them seriously.
  • Explain how the sales skills/concepts you have learned in the course can help you reach those future goals.

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