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The part of selling that comes the closest to an Art Form is Objection Handling. So, a good movie clip can help illustrate this point. Review the short sales call Objection handling video from the movie Total Recall located below and answer these questions:

  • How many objections does the ReKall salesperson get in this sales call.
  • What are those objections?  Please list them. 
  • How does the Rekall salesperson react when he get objections in this sales call.
  • What does the Rekall do after his initial reaction?
  • How does the Rekall salesperson transition from solving the objection to closing?
  • What is the final outcome of the sales call when the objections hare handled in a harmonious manner?

Total Recall Objection HandlingPlay media comment.

B—-Read the short Chapter 5 Case on page 124 titled “Developing a Strategic Prospecting Plan” at the end of the chapter and answer these questions:

  1. What methods should Jennifer use to generate sales leads beyond those provided by her company?
  2. How should Jennifer ‘qualify’ the leads provided by her company and those she generates herself?
  3. What is the profile of an ideal prospect?
  4. How should Jennifer prioritize her qualified prospects?
  5. What information should she collect about the prospects to help her prepare for a sales encounter? How can she use LinkedIn in the prospecting process?

Ignore the Role Play.

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