based on your area of literacy interest, you will have the | EDDD 8073 – Designing Specialized Instruction for Diverse Learners | Walden University


  • Select a topic area of literacy to explore—for example, one of the domains in the National Reading Panel’s (NRP’s) Big 5. 
  • Select an age range and disability level (mild, moderate, or severe) to focus on for the literacy topic.
  • Select two peer-reviewed articles for the disability level you selected that provide an evidence-based literacy/reading strategy. Note: Each article should be authored by a different researcher(s).

Submit a 4- to 6-page paper addressing the following:

  • Provide an analysis of each study that explains:
    • An overview of each study and the interventions implemented. Has research been conducted to evaluate the strategy?
    • Each study’s findings and whether each has “strong” evidence of the effectiveness of the interventions. What are the specific benefits and limitations of using this strategy? Be specific about the elements of the research that offer support for the intervention’s evidence base and include references to the evidence base.
  • Compare the selected studies in terms of the interventions researched. Explain how the interventions tested were both similar and different.
  • Explain whether the studies acknowledge and/or explain limitations or gaps in research.
  • As a special education leader, explain whether the articles improve your understanding of specialized reading instruction for students with exceptionalities. Be sure to explain the contribution each study makes to the field of Special Education and how it will specifically contribute to your own school population and/or community.

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