Black history | History homework help


February is Black History Month. In great honor of this month, your project will be to make a PowerPoint or Microsoft Word document depicting a notable African American figure. Please follow the guidelines below. This is an independent project which means you cannot work with a partner. Period!

Choose an African American to research and have your person approved today.

Begin your research. Do not use Wikipedia. You may use books, encyclopedias, and the internet. Gather information that will thoroughly answer the following questions:

1. Name of person 2. Where he or she was born and when 3. 10 detailed facts about the person or persons (1-2 Sentences per fact.) 4. Fully discuss why he/she is a prominent figure in society (4-6 sentences) 5. Discuss why you believe this person made a significant contribution to African American history. (4-6 sentences) 6. Must include a picture

****This will count as project and class participation grade****

All of the topics MUST be addressed to receive full credit. Your responses can be written or typed preferably, but it must be neat! Your research must be in your OWN words, otherwise you will receive a 0 for plagiarizing. All projects will be ran through It is a website that shows if someone plagiarized.

Your facts can be in paragraph or outline form.

Spelling, grammar, and neatness counts!

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