Brand personality, consumer lifestyle, and consumer motivation

Select an automotive brand, then go to their website and review their marketing materials related to one or more of their vehicles. You can either look at a specific product (i.e. the Chevy Camaro, Nissan Leaf, etc.), a sub-brand (i.e. Toyota Prius family of vehicles, Ford Bronco family of vehicles, etc.), or the company brand as a whole (i.e. Tesla, Volkswagen, etc.). You may also wish to find advertisements or commercials made by the brand.

After reviewing the brand’s marketing, answer the following questions:

What company, product, or sub-brand did you choose? What materials did you review (company website, commercials, etc.)?

What brand personality is the company (or product) trying to achieve with their marketing? Discuss how.

What consumer lifestyles is the company (or product) trying to appeal to? Provide examples.

Discuss the brand’s marketing efforts in terms of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and/or Consumer Motivation.