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ou will be working on a  Case Study Investigation during this course. A Case Study Investigation is a critical-thinking assignment that allows students to apply concepts that we have studied thus far to real-life situations.  Please make sure to review the Ch. 4 Investigate Developmental Case: Prenatal Development found in Instructional Resources Week 1 to aid in the development of your response. The case study file may include interviews, research, doctor notes, and personal experiences. You will use this evidence to help support your recommendation made for, Catarina, the subject of the case study.

This Case Study Investigation will be broken down into 3 different parts. Part 1 will be submitted in Week 1; Part 2 will be submitted in Week 3, and the final submission will be Week 5. The final submission will contain each part on 1 document.

MAKE A DECISION: Which approach would you recommend to Catarina during her pregnancy?

  1. Catarina should maintain a healthy diet and appropriate exercise regimen, and she should avoid unnecessary exposure to environmental contaminants. She should also keep taking her current antidepressants.
  2. Catarina should definitely address the issues of a healthy diet and environment as well as exercise, but her physician should also explore whether Catarina would require to change to another dose or type of antidepressant.
  3. Catarina has already exposed her unborn baby to some risk factors, so she should stop taking the antidepressant and try to control her depression through cognitive-behavioral therapy.
  4. Catarina should definitely clean up her diet but should continue taking her medication; the baby has already been exposed to antidepressants during critical periods.

Think about the factors that influenced your recommendation for Catarina. Why did you choose the option that you did? Include these issues in your response:

  • What are the critical periods in the development process of an embryo and fetus? When do they occur and how might they be disrupted?
  • Which aspects of diet and exercise do you think are most critical during pregnancy?
  • What are the effects of alcohol, cigarette smoke, or e-cigarette vapors on a developing fetus?
  • What are the risks and benefits of Catarina remaining on antidepressants during her pregnancy, both for Catarina and for her baby?

Please use the attached template to combine all three parts of your investigation. TEMPLATEPreview the document

Week 1: For the first submission, you will be making a decision about Catarina and then using the evidence to address the first factor:

Use the template to write up your investigation for Part 1. 

Week 3: For the second submission, you will be revising the first part of this assignment. Then, you will be analyzing the next two factors: diet and exercise and effects of drugs and alcohol.

1) Review comments left on your Week 1 submission and make the necessary revisions.

Week 5: For the final submission, you will be revisiting last week’s submission and making the necessary corrections prior to submitting this final assessment. Then, you will be analyzing the final factor: risks and benefits of antidepressants.

1) Review comments left on your Week 3 submission and make the necessary revisions.

Guidelines for Case Study Investigations:

  • Always use a professional tone. Write the assignment as if you are writing a report to your boss at your future career.
  • Everything should be written in your own words. Never copy definitions from the textbook or the internet. Please only use research from the case file in Mindtap to support your response with APA in-text citations.
  • One sentence or yes/no answers are never acceptable for a college-level case study assignment. Since you are making a recommendation, your answers should include examples from the videos/readings and justifications.
  • Always use proper spelling and punctuation. If there are errors, points will be deducted regardless of your answer. These types of errors are not acceptable in your future careers because they do not display professionalism.

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