Cjhs 400 week 2 behavioral theory behavior plan

CJHS400 Week 2 Behavioral Theory: Behavior Plan (***** Case One: Violet + Original Work + All details included in Template + References *****)


Resources: University of Phoenix Material: Individual Case Studies, University of Phoenix Material: Behavior Plan Template, and the “Effective Treatment for Addicted Criminal Justice Clients” article located on the National Criminal Justice Reference Service website at https://www.ncjrs.gov/ondcppubs/treat/consensus/weiner.pdf


Use the“Effective Treatment for Addicted Criminal Justice Clients” article as a sample for how to write a behavior plan. The “Case Study” section near the end of the article provides a good example of a behavior plan.


Choose one behavioral theory from your course textbook.


Choose oneof the following case studies from the University of Phoenix Material: Individual Case Studies, located on the student website:


  • Case One: Violet
  • Case Two: Max
  • Case Three: Onur

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Behavior Plan Template based on your selected behavioral theory for your selected case-study patient—Violet, Max, or Onur.

Incorporate one peer-reviewed research study as justification for the theory you used in your plan.

Format your plan consistent with APA guidelines.



Behavior Plan Template


Use this template to create behavioral plans for assignments in Weeks Two and Three. Fill in each section and provide additional information as needed.


Client Identifying Information

List all pertinent and known identifying information.










Describe all pertinent and known history.





Substance Abuse


Developmental and Social


Course of Treatment

List two target behaviors and two interventions.

Target Behaviors



Frequency and Duration of Target Behaviors



Severity and Number of Relapses






Goals and Objectives

List two long-term goals, two short-term goals, and one objective to work towards each goal.

Long-Term Goal


Short-Term Goal




Discharge and Termination Plans

Describe the discharge and termination plan for the client.

Discharge Plan


Termination Plan





CJHS 400 Behavioral Theory: Behavior Plan


CJHS400 CJHS/400 Week 2 Behavioral Theory Behavior Plan



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