computer architecture(csci-450) | Computer Science homework help

Technical report on:

Security microarchitectures and related vulnerabilities.

The paper should include:



Read relevant paper(s) on 

the topic


Write a technical report demonstrating your understanding of the paper(s)


Submit the report by the deadline Requirements

To help prepare you for writing technical documents in the future, you will write your project 

paper in a simplified ACM format with one column, fully justified text. The simplified ACM template is 

provided on myleoonline in the project module. Your reportshould be approximately 5-6 pages

mimicking a research paper. Your report will basically contain the following sections (which can be 

adjusted depending on what you are reporting on)


Abstract or executive summary

: 100-200 words describing what has been  done and results.


: This section includes a longer summary of what has been done, main observations 

and results. The report introduction should briefly discuss how the used techniques are different 

from previous work on the topic.

Background/Related work

: This section includes summaries of previous related work including 

references to the papers and other resources you needed to explore to fully understand the 

topic you are reporting on. Include references to these resources in the references se

ction. In this section, you should aim to describe how the work you are reporting on is different and how 

it improves and/or extends previous methods. 


 Describe your understanding of the main contributions  of the topic you are  reporting on: what was done, how it was done, how it works, etc. Provide architectural diagrams, charts, and figures where necessary with proper citation.

Experiment Results/Observations

: Depending on the topic you are reporting on, you mayneedto include a description of the experimental setup (if included in the original paper you are reviewing). Aim to be concise and utilize graphs to show any improvements. Include a summary of results analysis: what the results mean and the trends  that are revealed


Conclusions and Future Work:

 Include here a summary of the work and results. Include any future work that is expected or could be done.


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