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Guidelines for Annotated Bibliography An annotated bibliography (bib) will be completed from a selected nursing journal. A copy of the article chosen must be submitted with the paper. For the purpose of this course an annotated bibliography is a brief description and evaluation of an article chosen by the student. The purpose of the annotated bib is to inform class mates of recent research in pediatrics on a chosen subject. The documentation should include:

1. a summary of the research, 

2. the accuracy of the information, 

3. the quality of the study 

4. how the information is relevant to nursing practice.

The annotated bib and oral presentation will be evaluated as follows:1

1.20 points Article is current (2008 or later), pertinent to the class content (communicable disease/immunizations), and is a research article from a nursing journal. Article should be referenced in APA format & write up should be one to two pages in length.

2.20 points Written summary of the research (Explain the purpose, methods, reliability, and conclusions of the research)

3.20 points Critique of the research (Was the article well written and easy to read? Were there any weaknesses or biases noted? Evaluate the reliability of the information?) 

4.20 points Include how the information can be applied to nursing practice?

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