Criminal justice module 6 | Criminal homework help



You are a police officer who notices 3 suspicious males loitering outside a convenience store.  Further observation of the males shows they appear to be nervous.  You approach them and completely restrict their movement.  After a pat down you find weapons.  To cuff or not to cuff?


You are a rookie police officer in your first month on the job.  You are working night patrol when you notice what appears to be a homeless individual sleeping outside a business.  You approach the individual and tell him to wake up.  As soon as he wakes up you do a pat down of his outer clothing for officer safety.  You feel something inside his pants pocket that feels suspicious, but you are not certain what it is. You can tell however, that it is not a weapon. To cuff or not to cuff?


You work on the SWAT team for your local Sheriff’s Office.  You receive a tip that a suspected felon is hiding out in a nearby residence.  You, along with your team, go the location.  The resident opens the door after you knock and you demand to come inside to look for the suspect.  The resident asks to see a warrant and you pull out a piece of blank paper and wave it in his face.  The resident still will not let you in and demands a real warrant.  You force your way inside and find obscene materials inside the house, but not the suspected felon.  To cuff or not to cuff?


An anonymous person calls 911 to report a pickup truck with a license plate of 123 ABC that is attempting to run her off the road.  You receive the dispatch and immediately locate a truck that matches the description given by the caller. You follow the truck for 5 minutes but don’t notice any traffic violations.  You still decide to go ahead and stop the truck. Upon stopping the vehicle you smell the odor of green marijuana coming from the bed.  A search reveals 30 lbs of marijuana. To cuff or not to cuff?


You are on the Crime Suppression Unit of a local police department.  You receive an anonymous tip that a young black male in a plaid shirt is carrying a gun at a bus stop.  You go to the bus stop, notice a group of 3 males, one of which is wearing a plaid shirt.  You do not observe any other criminal activity. You approach them and detain them for the purposes of frisking them.  Sure enough the boy in the plaid shirt is concealing a firearm.  To cuff or not to cuff?


You are a seasoned detective in your local state investigations agency.  You use a thermal imaging device to scan a home where you suspect the residents are growing marijuana.  You do not first obtain a search warrant.  Based on the results of the thermal imaging device, you then go obtain a search warrant and locate over 100 pounds of marijuana plants inside the home.  To cuff or not to cuff?


You work for the FBI.  You employ a federal inmate as an informant in the federal prison nearby.  That inmate approaches another who is suspected by the FBI of a murder.  The informant tells the inmate that he heard a rumor that other inmates are plotting his murder due to the fact that they think he killed a child.  Your informant offers to protect the inmate if he tells him the details of the crime.  He confesses to the child’s murder.  To cuff or not to cuff?


You are a homicide detective.  You have arrested a man for the murder of a child.  Immediately upon arrest he was advised of his Miranda rights.  The body of the little girl has not yet been found.  You and your partner take the suspect out to drive around in your patrol vehicle. Without re-advising him of his rights, you begin to make the following statement: “It is almost Christmastime and it would be the Christian thing to do to see to it that the little girl had a proper burial rather than having to lay in a field somewhere.”  The man then leads you and your partner to the body.  To cuff or not to cuff?


You are a detective in the 1960’s.  You decide to monitor a suspect’s calls from a glass phone booth by placing a monitoring device on the glass. You are able to hear some incriminating phone calls. To cuff or not to cuff?


You are a police officer who suspects a man of murder. You bring him in for questioning which lasts for over 30 hours.  During the interrogation you shine a bright light in his direction but don’t physically harm him in any way.  You also make sure to provide him with food, water and cigarettes when he asks.  After almost 30 hours of questioning he makes an incriminating statement.  To cuff or not to cuff?

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