Discussion 4 | English homework help

For this discussion, I would like you to select a 3-5 minute set of scenes from any film that uses a minimalist scoring technique. Please only choose from the minimalist composers mentioned in your textbook at the top of page 384! If you choose a composer other than the minimalist composers mentioned, you will not receive credit for your individual post.

  1. In 50-100 words, briefly set up the scene generally, providing a general summary of the movie and the selected scene.
  2. In 100-150 words, what makes this score “minimalist”? (Please include at least two specific quotations from Chapter 11, Hearing the Movies that support your arguments!) 
  3. In 150-200 words, what are your big conclusions regarding the use of this minimalist track? How does this scoring connect with the characters and with the larger narrative? (Please make sure you incorporate specific terminology from your textbook – at least three specific terms from the textbook!)