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Part 1)  

Read “Suburban Homes Construction Project” at the end of Chapters 4 and 5 (in the textbook) and then answer the questions at the end of the reading.  

Submit your answer in the Discussion Forum and then submit peer replies regarding their answers (200 word minimum for each peer reply).  Please note the netiquette rules as located in the left column of this screen.  Click on “Netiquette” and read the instructions.

Part 2) 


Answer the PMBOK® Guide Questions at the end of Chapters 4 and 5 in the textbook.

Submit your answers in the  PMBOK® Guide Questions Discussion Forum,  observe how your peers answered the questions, and then collaborate with your peers about the correct answers by submitting peer replies.  Your initial post should have the question numbers and your answers beside them.  

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Forum Chapter 4

Question: Which type of organization structure is more suitable as Suburban Homes opens new offices in other states? What is your advice to the company to address all these issues comprehensively and coherently?

Answer: For the given organization structures, I have done the feasibility assessment from given information and would like to go for the matrix type of organization for Suburban Home project. My analysis is based on the fact that the company is focusing ensuring high quality and assurance in project management. As the company is establishing its roots in Mid-west US so need to develop proper infrastructure and good resources to present themselves as brand owner of construction company. It is a startup project so its obvious that the functional organization structure is not been established. Therefore, there is a need of collaboration for the functional and project manager to work together and provide strength to the team in terms of operational activities.  This is a useful strategy to control the cost and to make the oversight activities more efficient. With this mutual collaboration the workload will be reduced on individuals and people will be more accountable and can do their duties more productively

To address all the issues comprehensively and coherently I would advice the team to take input from both the functional and project management prospective. The manager are the subject matter experts in there are of study, so they need to discuss the different facets of the challenges in the project completion. With the collaboration the individuals can come up with different strategies which can be incorporated to overcome the hurdles for project completion. Moreover, for decision making process it is good have the insight from different functional areas.

Chapter 5

Question 1. Train project managers as leaders. Also, project managers must be trained to identify talent, select project team members, and nurture their growth?

Answer 1. To become a good leader, project manager need to understand the dynamics of the project and give direction to the team. In doing so he need to have skilled employees which can exhibit technical and interpersonal skills. For this, managers need to implement best practices which involves hiring the talented individuals and giving them the vision and autonomy for leading the projects. This is not only limited up to hiring talent but also need to retain the talent and helps them with their professional growth. The manager need to have very open relationship with employees and need to have constant communication which can help them to execute their plans in the projects. The most important element is the constructive feedback from time to time. During these conversations the employees feel they are valued, and they try to do much better. From time to time the managers should propose the refresher trainings for the employees to stay up to date.

Question 2. Develop a team charter so that all the team members are aware of performance expectations, professional behavior, and other team norms. The charter should also help in training newly recruited employees to improve productivity, collaboration, coordination, communications, and conflict resolution?

Answer 2. Project Charter for the referred construction plan should include the following elements:

  1. Basic Performance:
  • Define Roles and Responsibilities
  • Deliverable timings
  • Accountability significance
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Consequences
  1. Attitudinal Expectations
  • Transparency
  • Open communication
  • Team player
  • Conflict Resolution
  1. Desirable Norms
  • Excellence
  • Attention to Detail
  • Conflict Management
  • Leadership skills
  1. Expected Outcomes
  • Commitment
  • Thrive to work more
  • Productivity
  • Knowledge Sharing

Question 3. Develop a conflict management plan and prepare guidelines for all employees to identify and manage conflicts?

Answer 3. In case of any conflict whether it is task related or individual relationship conflict the project need to understand the nature of the conflict. Upon knowing about the conflict, the manager first need to assess whether it is truly a conflict or just the difference of opinion. Thereafter, need to look for the root cause of the conflict which has created the tension between the individuals. Upon finding the cause of conflict e can look for the best possible solution for the conflict and can implement that solution to the project execution plan.

Question 4. Design and implement a decision-making protocol for all the projects and in all locations.

Answer 4. For all the project at all the locations the major decision-making power is with the investor who owns the power to spend money and have monetary control. For the deployment of the project activities with respect time management the project manager is best person to decide. The operational manager holds the right for decision making for any delegation processes and allocation of the resources. To implement any strategy or change in protocol then the core team members are the responsible persons for the decision-making process.

Question 5. Develop norms for high performing teams?

Answer 5. For high performing teams’ norms states that leader should have clear directive and plan for the team. The team should have respect for the personal values of the peer colleagues. Team need to be aware of the proposed agenda and need to have open communication for their input and feedback. The behavior of the team member should be ethically and corporate acceptable. Team members should not focus on their personal interests rather everyone should be interested in company’s best interest. Team must involve all team members for the resolution of the conflicts. For the execution and employment of any team need to have meeting for defining the roles and responsibilities to everyone. Each project need to be segmented into few smaller projects and need to set timings for these small deliverables. The team need to follow up on the progress of other team members to assess if there is need of any additional resources. Finally, to address any issues or challenges the team need to come up as one unit for the decision-making process. Upon successful completion of the project the members should appreciate and reward each other.


Organization Structure is More Suitable as Suburban Homes

I strongly believe that the matrix organization structure will be the best suit the Suburban Homes Construction Project Company. We can deduce that the company is trying to grow based on the venturing to the southern states with the home developments of single-family. An organization making the full scale of c=house construction has the various departments need to work with the communications of unions and an open channel which is needed to exists the lateral and vertical. At the time of land acquisition and construction by the laws of legal department in the right way that will come into play and literally quick to communicate with the project managers and in case if there is any type of risk of county approvals or taxes to the hike is underway, and these will give a chance to the project manager to go back and re-evaluate the project associated risk and constraints (Gupta, 2013).

Project Managers as Leaders

In most of the businesses, project management has been accepted for the continuous growth of the critical discipline. Being a leader it helps you, your peers, and the entire organization. It is more essential that the project managers have to communicate the project vision n which that aligns with the corporate goals.

Team charter

Among the team members developing the team charter will promote the synergy and collaboration and it may lead to better team performance. It will able to describe the group norms, in which the rules are either written or unwritten and that will dedicate the team member’s behaviors and the expectations. Conflict Management Unique outputs, work with the diverse stakeholders, which are presents by the team members from the different functions and even from the different companies at the time of the project and this will frequently operate the matrix environment (Kruger, 2012).

Decision-Making Protocol

In different ways, project decisions will be made. There are methods for project teams that are often used for decision making like the project manager will make the decision, one or two team members are recommended, the project team will use the consensus to make the decision, and the project team will vote to make the decision. Throughout the project with appropriate decision making the project team have to understand and will ensure all the parties to get the expected outcome.

Norms for High-performing Teams

The project manager has to understand the critical stages of team development which helps to understand the characteristics of high-performance project teams. For this have to use and crate the team charter to their effectiveness.  An organization based on norms the project manager may need to negotiate with the prospective team members and the functional manager which will secure the services of the project (Trubiano, 2013).

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