Discussion forum on chapter readings

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David, Fred R. & David, Forest R. (2017). Strategic Management: A competitive advantage approach, 16th. Pearson

 Chapter 1 “The Nature of Strategic Management.” 

 Read The Cohesion Case (“The Hershey Company, 2015”) at the end of Chapter 1 and then do Exercise 1C “Update the Hershey Cohesion Case” Steps 1 thru 3 (Hershey Press Releases can be located in the “Events, Reports, and Releases” tab on the Hershey website).  This is a one page, double-spaced assignment. 

 Chapter 2 “The Business Vision and Mission.”   

  The end of Chapter 2 and do Exercise 2C “Write a Vision and Mission Statement for the Hershey Company” Steps 1 thru 3.  This is a minimum of one page, double-spaced assignment.