Discussion topic for week 6: a technical description for alice


This discussion topic follows up on writing assignment #3, in which you wrote a recipe for your friend, Alice.

In this discussion topic, you will write a technical description for Alice of a device or a piece of equipment you referred to in your recipe.  You will explain to Alice how the equipment or device works. 

The following is the scenario for this task:

You sent your recipe to Alice after she asked you for help. This is the recipe you wrote for writing assignment #3.

Alice has written you an email message back noting that she does not own one of the pieces of equipment that you mentioned in your recipe.

You will now recommend that Alice purchase this piece of equipment.  In this assignment, you will describe the piece of equipment and what it does.  Your description will “market” it for Alice in order to persuade her to purchase it.

The following are some examples:

  • You sent Alice a recipe for making a particular soup.       The recipe called for a vegetable blender.  Alice has now sent you an      email message stating that she does not own a vegetable blender.  You      will write a description of a particular vegetable blender that she should      purchase.
  • You sent Alice a recipe for making potato wedges.  The      recipe calls for a potato peeler.  Alice has now sent you an email      message stating that she does not own a potato peeler.  You will      write a description of a potato peeler that she should purchase.
  • You sent Alice a recipe for preparing a meat dish.  The      recipe calls for a knife to cut the meat.  Alice has now sent you an      email message stating that she does not own this type of knife.  You      will write a description of the type of knife you are recommending that      she purchase.

Keep in mind that you are describing a physical object in this assignment.  You are not writing instructions on how to do something.

You can use graphics in either of the following ways:

  • provide one main graphic and refer to parts in the graphic      when writing your technical description
  • provide several graphics, integrating each graphic as you      write the various parts of the technical description

Your description should answer at least some the following questions:

  • What is the device? How is it defined?
  • What is the device made of?
  • What does the device look like?
  • What does the device do? How does the object do this?

Please post your technical description to this discussion topic in Word by attachment. Your fellow students will see your technical description and comment on it.