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This is a thought paper on Enuma Elish and the Bible. It is a 700-800 word paper that thoughtfully answers a question drawing on the relevant primary sources.

Answer ONE of the following questions with supporting evidence from Genesis 1-2 and Enuma Elish:

  1. What is the character and function of Deity in Genesis 1-2 and Enuma Elish? In other words, what is God like (or are the gods like)?
  2. What is the relationship between Deity and humanity like in Genesis 1-2 and Enuma Elish?

The thought paper should include:

  1. The student’s name and the selected question;
  2. A concise but informative thesis statement (1-2 sentences) that directly addresses the question and summarizes the student’s key conclusions.
  3. The body of the paper in which the student develops their own thoughtful answer to the question through analysis of the primary sources. Arguments should provide textual evidence for all aspects of the thesis, demonstrating sensitivity to matters of genre, context, etc.

The thought paper will receive a grade based on the quality of the student’s own thought/analysis, interaction with the readings, quality of written communication (grammar, spelling, etc.), and attention to the parameters of the assignment. 

All sources must be properly documented. 

Reliance on web-based materials—rather than the student’s own reflection and engagement with the material—will result in lost points and.

Format: MLA

Sources: Attached.

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