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Welcome to your final examination short essay! 

From alien invasions to sinister transformations, the theme that links all of the works in Eng 203 is the monstrous. Furthermore, Monster Literary Theory analyzes the “beasts, demons, freaks, and fiends as symbolic expressions of cultural unease that pervade a society and shape its collective behavior.”  

Even if you are not a horror fan, you are all familiar with the pop culture archetypes of the monstrous, like cartoon incarnations of Frankenstein’s monsters, alien invasion movies, films about possessions by the devil, TV shows about witches, TV series about zombies, campfire ghost stories, haunted asylums in graphic novels, or even Netflix series that resemble Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Thus, for your final examination in this class, I want you to combine the lenses of your own literary analysis in your final paper with an appraisal of a famous work of American popular culture linked below. Using your final essay thesis and some of your evidence as a point of comparison, please compare and contrast one or more of your essay ideas to the subject matter, themes, and motifs of the video for Thriller by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson (500 words maximum).