Ethics and proprietary information | Computer Science homework help

Read the scenario and respond to the questions.

As a well-known consultant in the area of U.S. laws regarding counterfeit software and media, you have been asked to speak at a symposium of Chinese officials on the benefits of having strong anti-counterfeiting laws and copyright protections for software. Knowing that the counterfeiting of software is a common occurrence in China, you see this as an opportunity to speak directly with people who can help develop stronger anti-counterfeiting legislation in China. However, you are sensitive to the fact that China’s culture has different perceptions regarding the ethics of using copied software.

Do some research on how intellectual property is approached in China and perceived within Chinese culture, particularly as it involves the counterfeiting of software. Make sure to review at least two credible resources. Respond to the following in a persuasive minimum 2-page paper: 

  1. How would you explain the concepts of intellectual property theft to the Chinese officials from a U.S. viewpoint?
  2. What arguments would you use, besides legal ones, to explain why theft of other’s work product is wrong?
  3. How might you seek to bring about a change in the beliefs of someone who does not see the need for stronger intellectual protections for software?

Make your argument from both a cultural and moral standpoint. You should explain your viewpoint with the utmost professionalism.

Specific Requirements for Part 2: 

  • State a clear position on the scenario and provide a detailed explanation to support that position.
  • Examine both sides of the situation to identify the ethical issues involved.
  • Demonstrate superior organization, is well-ordered, logical, and unified.
  • Cite at least two references.
  • Follow all writing and submission requirements. 

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