Ethics in international business | Management homework help

 Need 300 words Initial Post and two replies on other students of 100 words each. 

I will attached the replies later. After reading the prescribed sections of Chapters 4 and 5 in the textbook and the Lesson Modules on Culture and on  Ethics, Answer the questions below and respond to posts from at least two other students.  General guidance and grading criteria for these discussions are provided on a separate page above.

Please answer both questions.  For instructions and grading criteria, see the page above, and stick to the word count mentioned there.


  1. Suppose you have to send a team to discuss an important business proposal with a local company in a certain Muslim country and the best person to put in charge would be a top female executive. A colleague asks whether, as a woman, she might not be well accepted and whether her male deputy should be sent instead. How do you respond and why?
  2. Consider what you have read about ethics.  (a) What practical guidelines should a company follow when setting wage rates in a poor country to which it is outsourcing production?  (b) Which of the ethical approaches explained in the text would best support your answer, and why? – Please answer both (a) and (b).

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