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Choose one movie on your own to view (you will only need to watch ONE, not one from each category because that means you would be watching 2 and you only need to watch ONE).  You will answer the analysis extension prompt that goes with the movie category of the movie you chose (example: you watch “Midnight in Paris” so you will be answering the prompt about the women, but if you watch “Tombstone” then you will be answering the American West prompt). Your analysis is discussing EXTRA historical information and SHOULD NOT  use any reference to the movie unless applicable.   See next page for essay instructions. 

*Discuss how women’s lives in the United States changed in the early 20th century using TWO of the following factors to: wars, literature, popular culture, medical advances, and technological advances.

– Great Gatsby (2013

Always be sure to double space, simple font, header with name and page number

1) Plot Summary 

Plot summary: Provide some basic information about the film such as the film’s name, year, director, screenwriter, and major actors.  Summarize the movie in LESS THAN A PAGE because this is mainly to see the value of the movie for its historical content so cover the main storyline and plot points. (It can contain spoilers)

3) Personal Evaluation 

Based on what you know about the real history of the era the movie is covering, give your general thoughts and impressions of the film for historical worthiness.  Discuss, and explain your reasoning, whether or not you would recommend the film for the study of history.  Give examples of positives and negatives to the film for the study of history.

2) Historical Analysis Extension 

In a new paragraph, you will take on the role of a historian, addressing the given analysis prompt for the era portrayed in the film selection. Basically, the film was a zoomed in look at an era and your discussion for this section is looking at the bigger picture of the era. Your analysis is discussing EXTRA historical information and SHOULD NOT use any reference to the movie unless applicable. THIS PARAGRAPH SHOULD BE CLOSE TO A PAGE OF IN-DEPTH DISCUSSION USING HISTORICAL EVIDENCE. 

4) Bibliography page 

Create a Bibliography page for the movie and any sources used to answer the Historical Background and Analysis sections. You may use whatever format you use in your English class

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