Healthcare marketing worksheet | Marketing homework help

Overview: For this assignment, you will identify the target market for the product/service, and conduct research in order to understand the customer needs and complete a target market profile. Defining your target market will help you to better understand the customer needs and will assist you in developing your initiatives for your strategic marketing proposal.  


Using the Module Two Short Paper Worksheet and the article What Is a Health Care Marketing Plan? as a guide, develop the target market profile for your selected healthcare product or service. 


Prompt: In the provided worksheet, you will collect information about the target market for the product/service using three of the following segmentations: 


• Geographic segmentation 

• Demographic segmentation  

• Psychographic segmentation

 • Health risk segmentation

 • Usage segmentation

 • Payer segmentation 

• Benefit segmentation 


Using the information you have collected on your target market, you will answer the following question: How are customer needs relevant in marketing your healthcare product or service? Support your response with specific examples from your target market profile. 




Guidelines for Submission: Your short paper must be submitted as a completed worksheet