Hospitality essay due today by 10pm!

Final International Hospitality Project 

(5 typed pages, double spaced- APA style) – 100 points (25%)

Each student will write information on an international hospitality company (hotel, restaurant, coffee, 

casino, cruise line, etc). This company can be from the U.S. or overseas. 


(1) History; 

(2) Identify past and current problems: customer service management, finance, 

culture, religion, legal, ethics, marketing, human resources, product development, government 

regulation, joint venture, or other related problems; 

(3) Your best solutions

(4) Based on your best 

solutions, what are the significant impacts and improvements for the company?

References, citations, and general style of papers for this project should follow APA style (as outlined 

in the latest edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association).

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