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PLS 141. Forum Assignment 1

This week please complete the below assignment (see syllabus for deadline details).

Please have your main posting up by Friday night so people can have the weekend to read your post and reply/interact.

Questions to Answer in your Essay: To receive full credit:

  1. all questions must be fully discussed and  answered and
  2. students must engage with their peers in a meaningful manner (e.g. reply to others in the forum). One strong and thoughtful reply is much better than a string of shallow replies. Please do not reply with “I agree”, “yes!” etc. Add research, offer reflective insight, provide analysis to optimize your engagement with your peers.
  3. Your paper should be copied and pasted into the discussion forum (please do NOT send an attachment). It should be the equivalent of 1-1.5 typed pages (double spaced, 11 pt. font.
  4. Please note that to do this assignment you will have to reply to the thread titled “reply to assignment here.” At that point, you will have 30 minutes to enter your posting (I strongly suggest writing your essay in a word document and copying and pasting it into the forum so you are not pressed for time. From there, save your essay in your files so it doesn’t get lost).

AFTER you have entered your posting, wait 30 minutes and from there, you will be able to see what others have submitted (not before). In other words, you will have to post your response 30 minutes before you can view what others have written. Please let me know if you run into any issues. Thanks

Finally, all grammar/spelling rules apply and please follow the guidelines outlined in 15 Rules of Netiquette for Online Discussions


Threaded throughout our study of American National Government is a diversity and inclusion component. This is addressed in various topic area in the book, and also this assignment.

Below are a series of Podcasts that relate to issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Please select one podcast to listen to (if you have a hearing impairment please contact me for further directions).

After you have listened to the podcast of your choice, please answer these questions in your essay

  1. What podcast did you select and why?
  2. In four sentences, summarize the content of this podcast
  3. What are three important things you learned in your listening? Why are these ideas/pieces of information important to you?
  4. What did you find surprising or important in what you read?
  5. How did the podcast give you a different perspective and why does this perspective matter? How can you use what you have learned?
  6. After writing your main essay, the assignment requires you to also read the essays of your peers and ask questions, supply alternative perspectives (in a respectful way), add research and analysis etc. Be sure to not just offer your opinion but rather, offer a research and factually based reply.  

Your grade on replies is not related to how many you offer, but rather, how strong and robust each one is. Aim for two meaningful replies in this assignment.

Please select one podcast to listen to below:

Zip Code Destiny

Emma, Carrie, Vivian: How A Family Became A Test Case For Forced Sterilizations

Location! Location! Location!

In the Shadow of Statues

Is Race Science Making a Comeback?


20 points:

Excellent job. All aspects of the assignment were met.

16, 17, 18 Points:

Solid effort. You could go into a little more depth and analysis but you hit the main points of the assignment (i.e. answered the main questions of the assignment).

It could also be the case that your main essay was strong but your reply was weak.

15 Points:

You’re going in the right direction but there are errors in what you shared, or your reflections are lacking depth, critical thinking and analysis (you’re simply repeating historical events). Here, there are also issues in that you do not clearly answer ALL the questions in the assignment.

Your reply could also use some development (think about discussing what your peer shared, adding new details/research on the issue etc).

In short, all the questions of the assignment have not been answered or answered adequately.

14 and below:

There are substantial errors in your claims and you need to do more adequate research. This grade could also be a reflection of the fact that your replies are thin/absent (students failing to reply to peers have only completed half the assignment).

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