Logistics improvement plan | Operations Management homework help

For this final assignment, submit:

  1. Your final logistics improvement plan.
  2. An executive summary of your plan.
  3. The final plan should include all of the research and groundwork you have completed thus far. However, it should be more than a compilation of the individual project components—it should constitute a comprehensive plan. It should incorporate feedback you have received on individual project components. It should also present the tools, techniques, and methodologies covered throughout the course.

Submit an executive summary of your LIP as a separate, stand-alone document. The executive summary should be addressed to a management team of principal stakeholders. Provide a brief synopsis of the plan you propose, justified by the data you have collected and processed.

Refer to the Logistics Improvement Plan project description for complete instructions on submitting the final project. Be certain to read the entire project description and the grading criteria to understand what you are expected to submit. If you have any questions, take advantage of your avenues of communication (including the course discussions and instructor feedback) to obtain clarification.

Please use attachments as a references

The Logistics Improvement should go as follows:

1. The Logistics Improvement Plan

  • An overview of the subject organization, including a brief synopsis of the logistic process you are proposing to change.
  • A problem statement describing a challenge or issue in the logistic process. Include a brief background and description of the issue you would like to address. Provide relevant historical data about the problem and the organization. Address the potential impact of the problem’s resolution. Include discussion of applicable standards and best practices in your industry.
  • Data and measurements – Present the data you have gathered in your research through measurement tools (such as diagrams, before-and-after process flowcharts, and tables). Your visual tools should support your analysis of the issue. Submit at least three completed tools, one of which should be a fishbone diagram.
  • Causes and effects discussion – Use the data you have collected, and your subsequent measurements, to describe what caused the existing situation and how the issue affects the process and the organization. Explain your data or findings, as presented in the tools.
  • A cost-benefits summary – If possible, base your cost-benefits summary on actual information. If not, base it on your anticipated information. In this section, explain how your plan incorporates applicable industry standards and demonstrates the use of best practices. Use research and references to support your case. Include specific examples of successful implementation of similar initiatives in your industry, if possible.
  • A conclusion – Describe the effect you anticipate on the process and the organization, should the issue continue, unaddressed. Summarize your recommendations and briefly validate them with your data and findings. Explain how the process and the organization could benefit from the improvement you propose. Describe the desired outcome you anticipate from this change.
  • Reference list – A list of all references used (include a minimum of two) in APA format.
  • Worksheets – Submit the worksheets you have completed throughout the course.
  • Length should be 3-4 pages

2. The Executive Summary

The executive summary should present your recommendations for the LIP. It should be able to stand alone, without the support of your working documents and related attachments. The executive summary should be addressed to a management team of principal stakeholders. Provide a brief synopsis of the plan you propose, justified by the data you have collected and processed. The executive summary should be complete but brief, no more than 1–2 pages in length. It should be written and submitted as a separate document from the LIP.

Upon completion of this course, you are encouraged to present your executive summary for your plan to your organization’s management team for consideration.


To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:

  1. Identify a process within an organization as a candidate for process improvement.
  2. Apply contemporary principles and techniques of logistics management to the identification, planning, analysis, design, testing, implementation, and assessment of the selected logistics improvement plan (LIP).
  3. Detail applicable industry standards and best practices, and incorporate these appropriately to fortify the improvement process.
  4. Compare and assess the LIP in relation to industry standards, including best practices, value added, and any specific competitive factors addressed by the improvement.
  5. Recommend implementation for the logistics improvement plan, for the consideration of management personnel
  6. Please use attachments as a reference I didn’t scorce a good grade but use the same company that was on the previous attachment for this Plan
  7. Be very Throrough!
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