Marketing/advertising w4 d1/2 | Management homework help

I need 3 paragraphs for each discussion which is a total of 6 paragraphs. Please keep both separate and address each question. Please make sure you check grammar and punctuation errors, as well as quoting and using in text citations. PLEASE make sure you cite the information, do NOT plagiarize and ADD all references.

Discussion 1 Trade Promotions 

What are the biggest advantages of trade promotions and why? Compare and contrast trade promotions vs. consumer promotions. Incorporate concepts and examples from this week’s lecture in your post. 

More information to help with Discussion 1

Class, the word “promotion” has come up multiple times in your readings…but not always in the same context.  So, before we start this week’s discussion, let’s review:

· Promotion (IMC) is one of the four P’s of the marketing mix.

· Sales promotion is one of the tools (like advertising, direct marketing, etc.) that can be (and is often used) in a brand’s IMC.

· Sales promotion can be in the form of trade promotion and/or consumer promotion.

The focus of Discussion 1 is trade promotion – what it is, why it is used, and how it can be integrated in to a brand’s IMC.  While you will need to compare/contrast trade and consumer promotions as part of your main post here, save your in-depth discussion of consumer promotions for Discussion 2.

Discussion 2 Sales Promotion Strategies

What are three sales promotion strategies? Compare and contrast the three strategies and use one product to illustrate each strategy. Compare and contrast which strategies would be appropriate with each of the four major types of selling (trade, retail, telemarketing, and e-marketing). Incorporate concepts and examples from this week’s lecture in your post.

More information to help with Discussion 2

In Discussion 1, you differentiated between trade and sales promotions.

In Discussion 2, we will focus more on sales promotion strategies…and there are a number of them!  Let’s see how many different strategies and examples of each we can discuss this week.

Required Resources


Please read the following chapters in Integrated marketing communications: Advertising, public relations, and more:

· Chapter 5: Personal Selling

· Chapter 6: Sales Promotion 


Zeelenberg, M., & van Putten, M. (2005). The dark side of discounts: An inaction inertia perspective on the post-promotion dip. Psychology & Marketing, 22(8), 611-622. Retrieved from the ProQuest database.