Music | English homework help

Choose ONE topic.  100 WORDS MAXIMUM.

1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band has historically been considered “the most important album in rock music”. What about this album is so remarkable to warrant this claim? How does it affect the work that follows for the remainder of the Beatles career?

2. Woodstock is regarded as the pinnacle of the counter-culture movement. Taking into account the looming problems, how did this represent the ideals of the new generation? How did the choice of artists and bands relate to this movement? Compare it with the Altamont festival that ends 1969.

3. The L. A. scene is often overshadowed by San Francisco and London during this time period. How does a band like The Doors rise to prominence without being part of either scene? What separates them from their contemporaries? Are they still influential today? Name some examples.