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1. Fred states to Jim, “Jim, I will promise to sell you my car for $5000 this Friday if you promise to pay me this Friday”.  Jim states, “I promise”.  On Friday, Fred and Jim meet and exchange the monies and the car.  Is this contract bilateral or unilateral, executory or executed, and express or implied? Analyze.


2. In contract negotiations are all offers valid and legally binding? If the offer is valid, when may it be accepted and by whom?  At what time, if any, may a contract offer be lawfully withdrawn?


3.What are the lawful effects on an offer when a revocation of the offer occurs by the offeror?  How does a revocation of an offer differ from a rejection of an offer, and what effect, if any, results from either?  Does a counteroffer affect any of the prior offers or the negotiating process?


4.Set forth the distinctions between the valid, void, and voidable contract. 


5.What is the legal definition of consideration in the law of contracts?  In the normal contract, is it necessary that both parties to a contract provide consideration to the other?  Must consideration exchanged in a contract be fair in order for the contract to be binding? 


6.May a minor enter into a contract with an adult?  Are both parties equally bound in such a case?  What do the legal terms disaffirmance and ratifications mean within the context of contracts with minors?


7.Generally, do advertisements constitute offers? If not an offer, how is the advertisement to be classified?  If an advertisement is set forth for an auction without reserve, may a seller revoke an offer once a bid has been made? 


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