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For this assignment, you will assume the social identity of a White American person.

Locate a media clip (video, blog entry, social media post, commercial, etc.) that illustrates one (or more) of the theories or principles of diversity in organizations related to White American people’s experiences in organizations. The specific media you select does not have to be in a workplace setting, but you need to be clear about the organizational implications of what is happening. For example, you could select a video of a child watching a television show that shows positive images of people from the child’s in group and talk about how racial socialization influences organizational experiences. 

Your explanation of the media clip should discuss:

  1. What is happening using course concepts to support your points-of-view.
  2. How what is depicted in the media clip influences the person’s workplace experience.
  3. Your anticipated thoughts and feelings if you were in the position of the person depicted in the media clip.

Good explanations will be detailed and thought-provoking. Be specific and give examples of how some course principle, concept, or theory you apply is displayed in the media clip. You do not have to describe everything that takes place throughout the video or within the article etc. You may choose to draw attention to specific concepts, but you must be detailed in explaining what is happening.

Note:  This is not a commentary on whether you agree or disagree with what is going on/being stated in the media clip./plagiarism free

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