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Fundraising (4 or more pages)
The purpose of this is to compile and explain methods and techniques of fundraising done by nonprofit organizations. You will analyze TWO organizations. ONE of them will be from the ‘largest nonprofit’ list, and ONE will be selected from different sub-sectors.


1. Click on Unit 1 handout Nonprofit Organizations. Scroll down to the listing of the largest nonprofits (page two)

2. Choose ONE of the largest nonprofits from that list, and include the required sections in your analysis (listed below)

3. On the same Unit 1 handout, scroll down to ‘Nonprofit sub-sectors”. There are seven sub-sectors, beginning with arts, culture and humanities.

4. Select ONE sub-sector, then identify a nonprofit organization that fits that category.  

For example: you may decide to select ‘arts, culture and humanities’ because you want to focus your analysis on a nonprofit children’s theater OR you may decide on ‘environment and animals’, and your analysis will look at an international organization that specializes in rehabilitation. Include required sections in your analysis 

5. For each organization, research their websites for fundraising information.

6. Include the required sections in your paper (listed below).

7. USE HEADINGS to label and organize your sections. 


1. Give your paper a cover page (with title, your name, course title and number).

2. In your introduction, define and discuss fundraising (don’t use define ‘Fundraising’, and analyze in your own words.

*Name of the nonprofit AND the website address

*State whether this organization is from the list of the largest nonprofits OR if it is a Sub-sector (and what sub-sector it represents)

*Mission statement
         How clear is the mission statement? 
         Can you tell at a glance exactly what the organization does every day? 
         How easy would it be to write the mission statement in bumper sticker length?

* Fundraising

         Does the nonprofit have memberships as a method of fundraising?
         Is the nonprofit receiving funds or grants from foundations or government agencies?
         What sponsorships or cause-related marketing are they participating in? (Read
               the Corporate Philanthropy handout.)
         What donor demographics do they seem to be targeting (young, old, rich, 
               middle class, female, male, etc.)?
         How easy is it to find information on fundraising and donating?
         How clear and convincing is the information?
         Does the nonprofit show how “close to home” the issue or problem is, and how
               donations make a meaningful difference?
         Would you want to donate?

* Volunteering
         How easy is it to find information about volunteering? How clear is it?
         How effective are the descriptions of what volunteers have done in the past and are
             doing now? How interesting and appealing are these?
         What do you think about the photos?
         How involved are volunteers in fundraising?
         Would you want to volunteer?

* Client stories
         Stories/photos of the work that has been completed; fundraising events; testimonials; volunteers; members; clients; etc.
         How effective are the stories and photos?
         Do you think these stories and photos would make people want to donate?  

4. Overall, how compelling are these web sites? (provide a heading for this section)

How effective do these organizations seem to be at raising funds? What would you suggest they do? Pick examples of great fundraising, or recommend possible improvements.

5. Write a conclusion to your paper (provide a heading for this section)

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