Poem | Literature homework help


You will work with one, two, or three of the poems studied this week.  Show direct control over theme and analysis. You may incorporate the historical time frame,  cultural emphasis, and/or  how the  author’s  background impacted the work.

Lead with a thesis sentence that contains the title(s) of the poem (s). 

In brainstorming, consider the angle you intend to use  to examine them/it.

Would it help to know their/its context? 

How might you define their/its message?  

Would comparison/contrast be valuable?

Can you communicate how they/it contributes to the body of literature both idiosyncratic to the Black tradition and  broader implications?

Certainly, you are not compelled to work with each of these prompts.  They are just here to help you focus.  

The assignment is 75 points, uses MLA, and has a fuller discussion in the compacted Week 14 at end of course.  Notice the extensive preparation time.  Planning is such a valuable tool. So is persistence. 🙂    Scroll to the end of the reading materuial for research helps