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Submit your Learning Team Presentation on Global Advocacy.

Social justice issues abound throughout the world. There are many organizations working on macro levels to advocate for human rights regarding these social justice issues.

Often these organizations lack adequate funding for their advocacy efforts and operations. In your learning team, you will pick one social justice issue or human rights violation and explore advocacy efforts and the need for more funding for advocacy. To accomplish this, your learning team will select a social justice issue from the following list:

  1. Women and war
  2. Child soldiers
  3. Homelessness
  4. Sweatshops
  5. Human trafficking

Your learning team will provide a comprehensive presentation of your issue. You will provide an overview of the human rights violation or social justice issue chosen. Your learning team will discuss and analyze the work of one or more advocacy organization assisting those affected by the social justice issue. Your learning team should engage in at least one email exchange with the chosen advocacy organization. Ask the organization about their funding needs and funding sources. The presentation should include a hypothetical request for funding for this organization from the audience. Further, your learning team should propose further advocacy efforts that could be taken by the organization and the audience to make greater change. The purpose of this presentation is to create awareness of the social justice issue, advocacy organization and to engage in lobbying efforts through requesting funding on behalf of the organization.

Through weekly progress report updates and ultimately posting a PowerPoint Presentation to share with the class, Learning Team Presentations should be approximately 20 to 30 PowerPoint slides in length and will be graded on content, professionalism, and complexity. All students must know all aspects of your learning team’s presentation and all students are expected to deliver an equal portion of the presentation by identifying each PowerPoint slide produced by each individual student. Each learning team should have some media and/or interactive portion with the audience. The presentation should include at least 10 or more references