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In Part 1 you provided an overview of the company: mission, vision, and strategic objectives, etc. You also discussed how HR and the training unit will cooperate to ensure that the training program is realized. Now, you must develop the first phase of the training model process, which is Analysis.

For Part 2 of this project you are required to address the following key elements in approximately 750 words:

Triggering event that necessitated the training needs analysis (TNA). Include information on the difference between the organization’s expected and actual performance that resulted in the organizational performance gap (OPG)

Identify if the approach to the TNA is reactive or proactive. Explain your rationale.

Describe the data sources within the organization that provided information useful to identifying reasons for the gap such as organizational goals and objectives, budgets, labor inventory, and organizational climate indicators (Table 4.1 in Chapter 4)

Discuss the 3 levels of analysis: organizational, operational, and person.

Identify the methods that are used to gather information on each level of analysis.

Explain how the information gathered relates to the OPG.


Please include the following elements to Project Part 2:

APA formatted title page


APA formatted headings for each key element discussed

APA formatted in-text citations


APA formatted reference page

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