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 Case Study IV – Endocrine System ! Diabetes: Mr. Clarks is a 52-year-old African American male, presenting to his primary care physician with complains of frequent urination, excessive thirst, particularly in the late afternoon and early evening. He is a truck driver that works 12 hours each day. The patient confirms a family history of diabetes from both parents. He is 6ft 3inches tall and weighs 280 lbs. His past medical history includes hypertension and high cholesterol. A random finger stick results in a blood glucose level of 243 mg/dL. The physician sends him for more blood work and he learns that Mr. Clark’s HgA1c is 9.1% and fasting glucose is 132 mg/dL. His renal function is within normal limits and liver function tests are also within normal limits.  


 1- What goes wrong with the feedback loop once the body can no longer keep it under control? 

2-  What can Mr. Clark do to improve his lifestyle and health habits?