Python project | Computer Science homework help

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Select a database or data set to write a report on.

Report the data set you have chosen for your final project. Give a preliminary report (a sentence or two) about why you chose it and what you expect to be able to show. Remember that you need to be able to make plots with the data, so you should have some idea of what it is you want to show in plots to help with visualization. 

Write a jupyter notebook document that explains what the data is and why it’s important. It should include code for downloading or otherwise accessing the data. It should save a relevant portion of the data in a file that is in the same folder as the notebook. It is preferred that the data file be online and that the code accesses it to perform the data manipulation and visualization work, and that the saved data file not be required to be passed with the notebook.

It should have several plots showing interesting data relationships. This can reference your reasons why the data is interesting, or it can be about some conclusions or correlations you notice.