Questions to answer | Management homework help

First thing I want you to read carefully. I attached a file so you need to go into it and there are some questions to answer, remember read carefully. File name is: “DECISION MAKING MATRIX”. 

Next thing is open the file name: ” What is listening” read it if you need it can help you to answer the questions down below:

Questions: Read and answer and make sure you post the answer near the question so I can see which answer goes to which question.


1. Observe a TV talk show with interviews or watch a debate or speech to evaluate listening skills and nonverbal messages. ■ Facial gestures—look at their eyes, eyebrows, mouths. ■ Arm and hand gestures. ■ Feet, balance, and posture. ■ Breathing. ■ How can you tell if the moderator/facilitator is using active listening? ■ What nonverbal messages are they sending?

2. Go to a public place (shopping center, stores, fast-food restaurant) and watch how employees (salespeople, cashiers) of certain establishments interact with the customers. Observe for approximately 5 minutes and make note of the nonverbal signals they send to the customers. ■ What nonverbal messages do the customers send? ■ Do the employees read the nonverbal messages? ■ How can you tell if the customers or employees are using active listening?

3. Stand in the middle of a room or empty space and have someone walk slowly toward you. Ask that person to stop walking as soon as you begin to feel uncomfortable. Instruct him or her to move closer and further away until you are at a comfortable distance. This is your personal buffer zone. ■ Does this zone change when different people walk toward you? Explain. ■ Compare your notes with one or two others who have done this exercise. Were there differences? To what can you attribute these differences? ■ Experiment with others’ buffer zones. For example, stand “too close” while waiting in line, on an elevator, or in a bus. Observe that person’s response to you. (Proceed carefully . . . possibly with members of your own gender.)

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