Research design | Operations Management homework help

For this week’s assignment, you will select an appropriate research design for your research plan. Once you have selected an appropriate design, you must locate and review references developed by the primary methodologists associated with that design.

select a research design that you might potentially use to achieve your study purpose.

This assignment has two parts.

Part 1: Paper

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that discusses whether the research design you selected is a quantitative or qualitative design and why this design appropriately aligns with your Problem, Purpose, and Research Question(s).

Part 2: Research Outline

Using the Research Outline Template provided in Wk 3, add the research design, along with Part 1 of this assignment, the revised problem and purpose statements, the revised RQs, and the revised research method and justification from Wk 6. 

Include APA-formatted in-text citations, a title page, and a reference page. 

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