Sls1505 – college survival skills assignment 2


Competencies Assessed

  • Identify the knowledge and skills important to a specific career path.
  • Identify networking opportunities related to a specific career path.
  • Write a résumé appropriate for an individual career path.

Janeise De Armas,In this module, you learned about ways to develop your career path based on your interest and skills. In this assignment, you will explore your own career path. In a single word-processing document, complete the following steps.

  1. Think about a career that has always interested you. This may be the career you have already chosen to pursue or perhaps a career of someone you admire. You will use this career choice to complete this assignment. In one to two paragraphs, describe your chosen career and career path. Then, in an additional two to three paragraphs, answer the following:
    • Give two examples of work-content skills and transferrable skills that you possess.
    • How do you think these skills will help you academically?
    • How do you think these skills will help you professionally?
    • Which skills do you still want to develop?
    • Explain how you will continue to develop these skills.
  2. In two to three paragraphs, explain how you will create your career network. Include a description of ways you are already networking, in addition to identifying new opportunities.


  1. In a word-processing document, write a one-page résumé that is appropriate for your individual career path.
  2. Be careful with plagiarism.
  3. Remember to cite resources.

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