Socw 6520 assignment: week 8 blog | SOCW 6520 – Social Work Field Education III | Walden University


SOCW 6520 Assignment: Week 8 Blog

Post a blog post that includes 300 to 500 words my field experience is at Sound options in Tacoma Washington The clients we work with are geriatrics, chronically ill and mental illness ( Sound options ) this is a social work class 

Consider the topics covered in this week’s resources and incorporate them into your blog.

Post a blog post that includes:

  • An explanation      of the use of self during your field education experience that you may      have encountered or that you might encounter
  • A description of      potential boundary challenges in your field education experience

Site everything and full references. APA 7th addition

this is a blog discussion for my masters in social work I have given you resources and where my internship is and their website

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