Steganography detection | Computer Science homework help

 Assignment: Steganography Detection ToolsLearning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Examine steganography-detection tools.
  • Recommend a tool for an investigation.

Assignment Requirements
You are now an experienced digital forensics specialist for DigiFirm Investigation Company. The firm is involved in the investigation of a crime ring accused of using computers to defraud a nationwide financial institution and its customers.A number of laptops have been seized from the crime ring in question. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the people in the outfit were fairly tech savvy and have scrambled information on those machines.Various tools are readily available to detect steganography. The tool that is used determines how reliable steganalysis the tests are. Some tools are more efficient than others. However, none of them are perfect.For this assignment:

  1. Research three tools used for detecting steganography.
  2. Write a paper that:
    • Describes each of the three tools.
    • Lists the advantages and limitations of each one.
    • Provides a recommendation on which one you would prefer to use in an investigation.
    • Includes justification for your recommendation.

    Required Resources

  • Course textbook
  • Internet access

Submission RequirementsFormat:Microsoft WordFont:Arial, Size 12, Double-SpaceCitation Style:Your school’s preferred style guideLength:1-2 pagesSelf-Assessment Checklist

  • I researched three tools used for detecting steganography.
  • I wrote a professional paper that describes each of the three tools and lists the advantages and limitations of each one.
  • I recommended which tool I would prefer to use in an investigation.
  • I included justification for my recommendation.

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