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This case study concerns, Inc. It summarizes Amazon’s growth from its beginnings as an online bookseller to become the world’s largest retailer. The case serves as an introduction to supply chain management (SCM) by focusing on a firm with which everyone in the course would have some experience. Working in teams, provide one response per team to each of the following questions. Be sure to follow APA guidelines included on the course Blackboard site. Address the following questions (in at least one case, find an article that supports your statements): 

1. Compare and contrast Amazon’s supply chain with the coverage in Lectures 1 and 2. What are its unique aspects? 

2. From a supply chain perspective, what makes Amazon’s supply chain operate successfully?

when answer each question, please find out a title about each question. do not put the question as a title. 

total 2 pages and please include references.  1.5 space!! 

i have upload file for class1 and 2

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