The legislative process and healthcare lobbying help (written

This assessment requires you to describe the legislative process and the role of the nurse as a healthcare policy advocate. Your paper will consist of two parts:

Part 1:

  • A clear and complete discussion of the legislative process

Part 2:

  • Click here to view the 21st Century CURES Act. (
  • View Title IX: Promoting Access to Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Care, Subtitle A: Helping Individuals and Families.
  • Choose 3 sections of this Subtitle and describe the details of these sections.
  • Describe how the specifics of this legislation will impact nursing care, positively or negatively. Explain your own position, and explain why using research-based fact, not just your own opinion.

Make sure you also include a clear, separate introduction and conclusion as a part of this assignment, 

  • Students will be able to examine legislative and regulatory processes relevant to the provision of healthcare.


Minimum of four (4) total references: two (2) references from required course materials (Ethics and Issues in Contemporary Nursing)

  and two (2) peer-reviewed references.

 All references must be no older than five years (unless making a specific point using a seminal piece of information)Peer-reviewed references include references from professional data bases such as PubMed or CINHAL applicable to population and practice area, along with evidence based clinical practice guidelines. Examples of unacceptable references are Wikipedia, UpToDate, Epocrates, Medscape, WebMD, hospital organizations, insurance recommendations, & secondary clinical databases.

Number of Pages/Words all papers should have a minimum of 600 words (approximately 2.5 pages) excluding the title and reference pages.

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Introduction (5 Points)

5 to 5 Points

  • Clearly states the purpose of the paper.
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of topic or questions.
  • Engages the reader.
  • Organized and has easy follow.

2 to 4 Points

  • Overview is provided, but key points/ideas are missing.
  • Purpose statement is not clear.
  • Does not engage the reader.
  • Somewhat disorganized but still

0 to 1 Points

• Does not provide an overview of the paper or is absent.

• No purpose statement.

Body (24 Points)

Key Requirement 1 Discussion of legislative process

6 to 6 Points

  • Clearly discusses all three branches of government, and how a bill becomes a law.
  • Ideas are organized and demonstrate understanding of legislative process.

3 to 5 Points

  • Discusses how a bill becomes a law, but does not include description of three branches of government.
  • Thoughts are somewhat disorganized but still comprehensible.

0 to 2 Points

  • Discussion is Vague
  • No mention of branches of government, does not
    discuss how a bill becomes a law.

Key Requirement 2 Analysis of chosen political issue

6 to 6 Points

  • Student chooses a topic from the text and clearly describes both sides of the issue.
  • Thoughts are well constructed and clearly presented.
  • Demonstrates understanding of the issue

3 to 5 Points

  • Student chooses a topic and discusses both sides of the issue, but thoughts are not thorough or are not organized.
  • Missing depth of thought, difficult to discern student understanding.

0 to 2 Points

• Student chooses an issue but does not describe either side of the issue in any depth.

Key Requirement 3 Tie political issue to current legislation being reviewed

6 to 6 points

  • Student clearly identifies current legislation being reviewed to become law
  • Identifies the state, bill number, sponsors, and where the bill currently lies in terms of progress

3 to 5 points

• Student identifies that there is current legislation being reviewed in their state but is missing 1-2 pieces of required information listed in “Accomplished”

0 to 2 points

  • Student does not tie the topic of choice to any current legislation OR
  • Student’s presentation of information is missing multiple pieces of information or clarity of ideas

Key Requirement 4 Discussion of student’s own opinion on chosen political issue

6 to 6 Points

  • Student clearly presents his or her own position on the chosen issue.
  • Argument is well thought out and
    presented professionally.
  • Argument engages the reader and is
    easy to follow.

3 to 5 Points

  • Student presents his or her own position on the chosen issue, but is lacking supporting details.
  • Argument is fairly written but thoughts are not well organized.

0 to 2 Points

  • Student does not present his or her own position, or does not give any clear details.
  • Topic is vague or not well written.

Conclusion (5 Points)

5 to 5 Points

• Summarizes paper and reflects on what the reader has learned from the paper.

3 to 4 Points

• Merely summarizes the introduction or contains new ideas not present in the paper contents.

0 to 1 Points

• Simply restates the introduction or is absent. • Disorganized to the point

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