Use khcoder to analysis a topic that you interested in

Use KHcoder to analysis a topic that you interested in 

With full txt file and excel output from KHcoder

4 pages

In the introduction, are the paths of discussion (how to be discussed)?

Are you introduced if you can find prior research on selected themes?

Is quotation consistently attached in an appropriate form?

Is the research question specified?

Are hypotheses expressed?

Is there an explanation about how to work and the coding of variables?

Do you specify the acknowledgement and acknowledgment of the data that has been analyzed in content?

Is the analysis result reported appropriately (the copy of the analysis result output is basically impossible)?

Is the title attached to the figure?

Is there enough consideration of the analysis results?

Do you consider the significance and implication of the findings that have become clear through the report?

Does appendix and appendix provide information to supplement the description statistics of variables?

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